Fiscal Representation

Fiscal Representation

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we offer fiscal representation service in Italy, France, Monaco and Croatia.

San Giorgio Yachting provides Fiscal Representation services to EU and non EU companies, for Italy, France, Monaco and Croatia.

The application of the Italian VAT to the yachts’ charter fees (and not only), started to be implemented in Italy in 2012 and was soon followed by France, Monaco and lastly by Croatia.

San Giorgio Yachting immediately realized the impact that the new tax scheme, with all its rules and regulations, would have had on the Industry.
A pool of tax advisors, auditors and specialized staff, with a deep knowledge of fiscal  and administrative issues was formed with the aim to respond to the many questions of a “confused” cluster and to provide clear guidelines to Yachts, Brokers, Stakeholders, Owners and Managers.

San Giorgio Yachting has so far registered at the Italian Tax Office a relevant number of yachts, always strictly complying with the procedures indicated by the Italian Law; at the same time, a special attention has been paid to guide the Customers through the Fiscal path and make it very easy to understand.

In Italy, France, Monaco and Croatia, San Giorgio fiscal team can support the Industry by offering the following services:

  • Full VAT registration process
  • Preparation of documents relevant to the VAT payment
  • Collection and payment of VAT amounts within the legal deadlines
  • Preparation of the yearly VAT declaration
  • Updates about the rules and regulations in the different EU countries
  • General and tailored consultancy about Fiscal, Tax and Administrative matters