fiscal representation

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San Giorgio Yachting provides Fiscal Representation services to EU and non-EU companies, for Italy, France, Monaco and Croatia.

A pool of tax advisors, auditors and specialized staff, with a deep knowledge on fiscal and administrative issues gives clear guidelines to Owners, Managers, Brokers, Stakeholders and Captains.

San Giorgio Yachting Services offers the following services:

• Full VAT registration process
• Preparation of all documents required for VAT payment
• Gathering of funds and payment of  VAT amounts within fiscal deadlines
• Preparation of yearly VAT declarations
• Updates on rules and regulations in different EU countries
• General and tailored consultancy on Fiscal, Tax and Administrative matters


San Giorgio Shipping and Yachting Services is a proud partner of Cambiaso Risso Group, specialized in marine insurance and active in the shipping and yachting industries for more than 40 years.

To date CR is present with its own offices in the most reputable insurance markets worldwide: Genoa, London, Bergen and Singapore besides other INSURANCE operative hubs in Monaco, Athens and Istanbul.

Yacht specialists in Cambiaso Risso form a highly qualified team of experienced professionals who have built, mostly in the last couple of decades, a reputation based on trust.

Their excellent reputation, assistance and knowledge on “claims”, is highly known in the Yachting industry.

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